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Michael Mann's The Keep - Special Edition (1983) Blu-ray

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High quality 25GB BD-R Disc

Widescreen 2.35:1 (Original Theatrical Aspect Ratio)

HD Picture & Sound!


• Special Edition - Two versions of the film: 1080p 2K Transfer and a New 4K Scan Transfer (NO DNR) in 1080p


Special Features Include:

• Michael Mann’s “The Keep” - Beyond Reality

• Siskel & Ebert Review “The Keep”

• Deleted Scenes (Pictures/Clips)

• Tangerine Dream - “Stealing the Silver”

• Theatrical Trailer

(Special Features are not rated. Special Features Video: Standard Definition / Audio: English 2.0 / Subtitles: None)


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  • 5
    recent purchase

    Posted by Matt Shaw on Feb 29th 2024

    Glad you are out there! Could not find an acceptable streamed version.

  • 5
    About as Special as We Are Going to Get

    Posted by Craig M Rosenthal on Dec 1st 2023

    This release of The Keep has two versions of the film. For me, I simply wanted to watch it in HD as my VHS wore out years back. As well as seeing it in its theatrical aspect ratio. That was nice. As well as being able to actually see what was going on during the more atmospheric moments. Such as the whole ending. I could actually see just how horrific Rosalam's massacre was. A shame we will probably never see Mann's cut of the film. And we can only imagine what was planned for the whole massacre scene. As it stands, The Keep is still a deeply, deeply flawed film. Especially if one is comparing it to the source material. However, this release of the film is definitely worth it for the reasons I mentioned above. As far as the other special features, it has the trailer, and more or less a breakdown of what could have been, using images from that trailer. It's interesting to watch, however, I have a feeling most of us actually looking to buy this very movie, probably already know the information. Regardless, buy the blu ray just to see the movie cleaned up and in the proper format. It's worlds better than your old beaten up VHS.

  • 5
    First order on this side

    Posted by Rene Töpfl on Oct 21st 2023

    Perfekt and quick service on a Seller with very Rare Products!!!!

  • 5
    The Keep

    Posted by Jose on Oct 8th 2023

    I’ve been looking for The Keep for awhile. I bought this blu-ray and was thrilled to not only see the film, but by the quality. I’ve NEVER seen it look this good! Also, it’s got special features. How cool is that?! If you’re looking for this to see for the first time or you saw it back in the day and want to relive the horror or Molosar, I highly recommend picking this up!

  • 5

    Posted by Kevin Hodge on Jul 3rd 2023

    Thank you, Showtown Apparel for giving fans of The Keep a chance to enjoy it again! Beautifully remastered with crisp sound and picture. Wish it had subtitles but.... I'll be ok without them. If you want to enjoy this movie again like you did in 1983, here's your chance. Order yours today! Thank you, Showtown Apparel. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  • 5
    The Keep

    Posted by Joe LoGrasso on Jun 8th 2023

    So glad to relive a wonderful movie when it first came out so many years ago. . The transfer to 2K & 4k is excellent!!! What a great story line. Showtownapparel is the place to go for quality movies. Thank you again.

  • 5
    The Keep BR

    Posted by Matthew Janovic on Sep 14th 2021

    Absolutely impressive is all I can say about this brand new transfer of Michael Mann's The Keep. I first saw this movie on VHS in 1983 and have wanted to experience a decent copy that approximated what only the theatrical experience could bring until the advent of HD video. This is that experience. No complaints whatsoever, and including the unrestored version was an excellent idea, a very competent job of it, and in the overall authoring of the disk. Fans will be pleased.

  • 5
    the keep

    Posted by gary kruso on Jun 4th 2021


  • 5
    the keep

    Posted by gary kruso on Jun 2nd 2021