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Kill Bill The Whole Bloody Affair Blu-Ray - Cover Version #2

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Updated 9/10/2023


25GB Region Free Blu Ray Disc

What's new? An updated version of the film, back cover design, optional subtitles through out the entire movie, interactive menu and insert artwork


Widescreen (Original Aspect Ratio)

Picture: 1080p HD (Except for some of the additional alternate/deleted scenes)

Audio: English 5.1 Dolby Digital

Subtitles: English


Tarantino's saga recreated in its original, uncut single movie format including alternate and deleted footage!

This version (compared to previous versions offered here) matches the Japanese versions of Volumes 1 and 2,

and therefore Tarantino's own cut of TWBA, probably closer than any other edit out there.

Details about in this version...
* Alternate shots during the scene in Vernita's kitchen are used.
* Extended animation scene with extra gore.
* Longer gore take of Gogo gutting a man.
* Ext. fight with the Crazy 88, fully uncut and in color.
* Extended scene of Sophie Fatale getting her other arm chopped off, and extra dialogue.
* No interruption between volume 1 and 2.
The reveal/cliffhanger ending of volume 1 has been removed.
This is how Tarantino's cut is, and is probably the biggest change to the film's narrative structure